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Basil is a herb of  mint family it adds flavor to meals, and its nutrients may provids health benefits. Basil has been use in ayurvedic treatment for thousands years- and for a good reason. It is a powerhouse herb- both in flavoring your food and boosting your health.

There are many species of basil leaves- curly basil, sweet basil, lemon basil, holy basil (Tulsi), thy basil, lettuce-leaf basil, and many more .

Health benefits of basil:-

  • Improves heart health- Basil contain magnisium that can help to improve blood flow. Some studies have found that surtain component in basil may benefit over all heart health.
  • Treat skin conditions- Many ancient ramadies use basil oil for treating skin condition.
  • Reduce stress levels- It has been observed that basil oil may help manage depression, anxiety, stress and improve thinking ability.

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