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Apples are one of the most popular fruit in the world and provide great range of health benefits for the human body. It have been ranked as world’s healthiest foods due to the powerful nutrients they contain. Apples have thousands of varieties and they fall into three broad classes loke cider, cooking and dessert varieties that may differ in taste, size, texture etc.

”An apple a day, keeps doctor away” we have heard this a number of times so here are some benefits that make apple so special.

Health benefits of Apple:-

  • Decreases risk of diabetes and reduces cholesterol.
  • Makes you feel full and helpsnyou reduce weight.
  • Great source of nutrition.
  • Can help in preventing or treating anemia
  • Makes your teeth strong.

At jaivik jeewan, apples are import from Himanchal Pradesh and are highly nutritious,chemical free and juicy.

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